"The Sculpture" Exquisite Modern Marvel in Lower Saxony, Germany | VILLA NEO | Querkopf Architekten

Like a sculpture carved out of stone, the vision of a modern villa is here realized that abstracts and reinterprets classical rules: for an incomparable sense of living in the middle of nature.

In the most pleasant seclusion, undisturbed, "The Sculpture" is the most attractive retreat a hamburger inhabitant can imagine. Concrete, glass and steel - these are the three main materials that determine the characteristic appearance of this villa.

Surrounded by the elegance of the building's interior and exterior design as well as the peaceful forest, the owners of this property can concentrate on the desirable contents of life. The construction of the object leads to a pleasant level of privacy and security because it is closed to the street but open to the other side to the pool, whirlpool and forest to satisfy the natural urge for freedom.

The floor-to-ceeiling window fronts provide the living area with plenty of daylight and opening up the view into the green landscape. A highlight are the large steel blades that span the glass and connect the lower and upper levels. As soon as the day is over, the numerous elegant designer lamps provide the rooms with an atmospheric light, exquisite designer furniture and a very modern fireplace which creates irresistible coziness and warmth.

"The Sculpture" convince with originality. The property is not a modular house, but develop from a unique vision. With a mixture of "Bauhaus style" and brutalism, it exudes strength and defensiveness to the outside without losing its elegance, inward security, generosity and tranquility. It gives its owners a sublime feeling of freedom.

Architecture by "Querkopf Architekten" Hamburg

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